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Putting without anchoring the putter to our body is very simple with the Side Saddle / Face on Putting technique using the GP putter. At all times during the putting stroke the putter head is square to our target line. This Face-on Putting method is 100% legal in 2021 for every golf tournament in the world and very easy to master. The GP putter "Conforms with USGA rules" and was designed to have a perfect pendulum stroke. Please have a look at our videos and you will be very surprised with the result. Download the USGA letter in PDF

face-on GP putter
Improve GP putter head cover with magnet
GP putter at prdionne.com
GP Putter

GP Putter $239

All 3 Golf Clubs

All 3 Golf Clubs $329

SkyLob Wedge

SkyLob Wedge $125

HBB 56 wedge bounce

HBB 56 Wedge $125

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